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Girls Give Shooting Guns a Shot

Lone Star Gun Range

Saturday is the first-ever national “Take Your Daughter to the Gun Range Day." It was organized through Facebook in an effort to show that shooting isn’t just for the boys.

Supporters say learning to shoot can be a confidence-builder and can be a sport young women enjoy their whole lives.

Sandy Billingsley owns Lone Star Gun Range. She says she learned to shoot in her twenties and plans to introduce her daughter to guns at a much earlier age. But, she says, other people aren’t as enthusiastic.

“I still have fathers who come in with their sons and their daughter is with them ‘toting along.’ And not going to shoot. You know they're like ‘well, she’s not going to shoot, she would be afraid of it.’ Nine times out of ten, she’s a better shot," said Billingsley.

Billingsley expects the range to be busy this weekend and hopes to see more young women giving shooting a shot.

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