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Mack Brown: Longhorn Network Leaving UT a 'Little Overexposed'

KUT News

If you ask a Longhorn fan their thoughts about the Longhorn Network, you might hear complaints about its cable carrier agreements. Ask a rival team's fans, and you might hear grumblings about the cash cow the network represents for the Forty Acres. 

But if you ask University of Texas head football coach Mack Brown his thoughts about the Longhorn Network, you might just get a piece of his mind.

That's what happened yesterday at Brown’s weekly press conference, where he spoke rather frankly about the effect the network is having on the Horns this football season.

Brown argued that the Longhorns are a “little overexposed” this year. He cited a conversation he had with Baylor Head Coach Art Briles where he was told that “Baylor sees every practice.” He also thinksthat opponents north of Waco are watching too.

"We know they [opponents] have it for a fact," Brown said. "Lots of them do. And people are taping it across the country and sending it to the coach if they don't have it in their area. We know that for a fact. We've been told that too many times."

Along with his worries the Longhorns are overexposed, Brown said the Longhorn Network programming he's obligated to take part in is eating up too much of his time.

"And I do have three shows over there that take you 20 minutes to get there, and 20 minutes to get back, and an hour to do them. So there's no question it takes away some of your time. And when you do a show, if your mind is somewhere else, you're screwing that up, too.”

Brown, who spent a good portion of his press conference complaining about the Longhorn Network, still says the network can be great exposure for Texas players and the school itself. 

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