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Photos: A&M Auctions Off Kyle Field Signs

Texas A&M has been planning a massive renovation of Kyle Field since last spring. And now that the teardown's underway, you can own a part of the storied stadium.

Kyle Field signs are being auctioned online through tomorrow. North of $1,200, the "Kyle Field Rules" sign is going for the highest value. The "Snacks and Beverages" sign comes in second with a current bid just under a thousand dollars.

That seems like a lot of money – but it’s not the first time sports fans have shelled out for parts of an old stadium. Just last fall, both the Metrodome and Yankee Stadium held an auction for old seats and stadium artifacts. 

University of Texas professor Kevin Robbins says that memorabilia is more than an object—it is a memory. “It doesn’t matter so much what it is," he says. "What matters is that it’s from this place.  This venue that was so important to them at some point in their lives. So, seats, and bricks, and signs, just anything that is from that place."

The $450 million stadium renovation – which would make Kyle Field the biggest stadium in Texas by seating capacity – will be finished for the 2015 season.

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