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After Coaching, Mack Brown Now Fields Questions on Twitter

Sam Ortega for KUT News
Mack Brown hooks 'em in this Jan. 30. photo as the city declares "Mack and Sally Brown Day." Brown has been especially active on Twitter since stepping down as Longhorns head coach.

How is Mack Brown spending his free time theses days? Check out his Twitter page for an update.

At a charity event for his Mack Jack and McConaughey foundation, joined by county musician Jack Ingram and Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey, the former UT-Austin head football coach admitted he's enjoying some of the free time and freedom that comes with no longer coaching the Longhorns. And Twitter is a big part of that.

“I like Twitter. It’s fun. Because you can actually answer questions to fans," Brown said. "When you’re not coaching, you can actually be more honest. Because you can give an opinion and not be killed over it and, really and truly, if you are killed over it, who cares. It doesn’t make any difference because it’s not going to cost you a recruit. So it’s fun.”

Brown also uses Twitter to publish plenty of inspirational quotes: 

But it's the interaction Brown has had with fans that's earned the most attention.

"When done right, I think it’s a great way to communicate," Brown said. "I had a young girl … tweet me from the School of Journalism and said, 'Will you come and speak to our class?' And I said sure."

"When Coach sends me something, I get way more retweets," Jack Ingram joked. "I kinda bug him with it: 'C'mon man – I need a little retweet bump here.'"

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