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We’ve got a new look!

We’ve unveiled a bold new look to represent the distinct services and personalities of KUT 90.5 and KUTX 98.9. 

When we spun our music service out of KUT and launched it as KUTX in 2013, we allowed ourselves time and space to grow into two services. As the stations evolved and distinct personalities emerged, we knew they had outgrown their shared visual identity (we were forcing siblings to dress like twins!).

This summer, we engaged with the team at Page/Dyal Branding & Graphics to create separate visual identities for the stations that would stand on their own, yet share some DNA. If you’ve visited the KUT Public Media Studios, you’ve seen Page/Dyal’s work in the center of the building in the form of the vibrant wrap-around donor wall around the Ray and Mary Margaret Farabee Control Room and Kacy and Scott O’Hare Newsmaker Studio.

Page/Dyal’s branding work was informed by research Sol Marketing conducted among KUT and KUTX listeners and donors to gauge opinions about the stations and the services we provide, and uncover the stations’ unique roles and relevance to the Austin community.

The new KUTX logo, with its throwback Cooper Black font and bold, vibrant red and blue colors, strives to connect our content with a crisp, clear graphic language that lets our personality shine through. We love that Cooper Black rocks both a sub-culture and a pop-culture vibe – kinda like when Laurie Gallardo plays Sturgill Simpson and Riders Against the Storm in a set.

The new red and black KUT logo features overlapping boxes to visually communicate some of the most consistent feedback we hear from listeners: KUT provides depth and perspective through many lenses.

While the KUT and KUTX logos are distinct, they share the same shade of red and the same typeface for the taglines; like siblings with different personalities and styles, but you can still see the resemblance if you look closely.

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