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Three Questions with Rebecca McInroy

Martin do Nascimento
Producer and Host Rebecca McInroy

Producer and Host Rebecca McInroy may be best known for her work on our “Views and Brews” conversation series at the Cactus Cafe and our popular Friday segment (and podcast) “Two Guys on Your Head.” But did you know she's the driving force behind several other podcasts?

Some of the many podcasts she produces include “The Secret Ingredient,” which won't tell you what to eat, but will explore why you're eating it; Rabbi Neil Blumofe’s “Liner Notes,” which examines jazz greats and history every Sunday during Jazz with Jay on KUTX 98.9; and the recently launched “This Is Just To Say with host Carrie Fountain,” where poet Fountain talks with poets about the poems they make and love. 

Say hi to Rebecca on Twitter @RebeccaMcInroy.

What are you listening to these days?
I listen to everything! I love audiobooks and podcasts, old radio shows and archived recordings. My favorites this month include:

"Sing Unburied Sing" by Jesymn Ward. It’s a beautiful and heartbreaking book that you read through tears. Ward weaves you through the lives of a southern family as they navigate love, illness, drug addiction, racism, care, the ghosts of the past, pain and need. Must read (or listen to).

"The Line Becomes The River" by Francisco Cantú. This book is a captivating account of a young man’s experiences as a border patrol agent and back again. It explores how his perspective changed throughout, and you see his humanity diminished and yet restored through the power of friendship and love. It is a complex narrative and well worth your time.

"The Order of Time" by Carlo Rovelli. I’m obsessed with time and can’t wait to read this; I just ordered it! Rovelli is the author of "Seven Brief Lessons on Physics," a very short and breathtaking book of essays that are so fun to read. He’s charming and passionate and if you know nothing about physics (like me) you’ll still love his work!

I can’t get enough, srsly! I wait on tender hooks for new episodes of these podcasts to post. They are like little Christmas presents each week! The archived shows also provide a wealth of knowledge that I frequently search for information on shows I produce and host; especially “Views and Brews.” You can hear lectures and interviews with Masha Gesson, Arundhati Roy, Junot Diaz, John Berger, Rebecca Solnit, and so, so, so, so many more! These are some of my favorites:

"In Our Time"
"Start The Week"
"Great Lives"
"Arts and Ideas"
"Thinking Allowed"
"Woman’s Hour"
"World Book Club"
"The Assassination"

"Live From The NYPL,"by The New York Public Library
"Phone Call From Paul," by Lit Hub
"ALOUD," by The Los Angeles Public Library
"Verso Books"
"The Paris Review Podcast"
"London School of Economics Public Lectures"

Read anything interesting lately?
I’m reading lots and lots of poetry these days, as I’m working with Carrie Fountain on the new KUT Podcast "This is Just to Say."

Matthew Dickman’s new book of poems "Wonderland" is a powerful look at the crossroads of life. You see boys go from innocent kids to white supremacists, and you get a unique insight into the moments where things could go either way. It’s a necessary and important intervention.

If you missed it check out Junot Díaz’s essay in "The New Yorker." The Silence: The Legacy of Childhood Trauma. If you know his work you know that throughout it there is a struggle with toxic masculinity, abuse, racism and trauma, but in this essay you hear Diaz’s personal experiences and how horrifically they influenced his life and relationships. It’s a complex discussion because he is also implicated in the #MeToo movement, but I think it’s important to examine how all the interwoven and deep roots of violence, abuse, colonialism and capitalism are a part of this cultural moment.

What are you loving about the ATX lately?
The Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail and The Barton Creek Greenbelt! Every chance I get I’m on the trail. I love walking my dog or running around the lake. It is by far my favorite thing about living in Austin.

Deep Eddy! Swimming at Deep Eddy on a summer night and then showering in the open air is absolute bliss! It’s a spring-fed pool and the view of the lake while you’re swimming makes you feel like this city is the best place in the world!

Thai Fresh if you have never been to Thai Fresh on Mary St. you have go right now, well if you like incredible Thai food, the best vegan ice cream you will ever eat and fair wages. Chef Jam was recently on a “Views and Brews”about fair wages in Austin for food workers, and what she’s done to make sure all her staff are paid fairly is revolutionary. The Tom Kha Kai Coconut soup with oyster mushrooms and thai chilies is the only thing I’ve ever craved since Vivo’s red salsa; TDF!!!!!

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