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“Texas Standard” Labor Day special explores the fastest-growing population in Texas: Asian Americans

“Overlooked No More: How Asian Texans Shape the State” airs Sept. 7

Hour-long specials can be powerful and offer a chance to do a deep dive on a topic that otherwise might only get five minutes on “Texas Standard,” that’s why the “nationally daily news show of Texas” is dedicating an entire show to exploring different aspects of the fastest-growing ethnic population in Texas: Asian Americans.  

Tune in to KUT at 10 a.m., Monday, Sept. 7 for “Overlooked No More: How Asian Texans Shape the State.” You’ll learn about the diverse segments of the Asian community across Texas today – including the Filipino community in the Rio Grande Valley and why some in the Dallas area say the calendar of official holidays isn’t reflective of their needs. Did you know that many Asians immigrated to Texas via Mexico?

“Overlooked No More” will also tackle important issues, such as the tenuous state of the U.S. relationship with China, spying accusations and discrimination tied to the coronavirus.

Hosted by reporter Joy Diaz, the special will highlight the often-overlooked relevance and political power of Asian Americans as both the end of the U.S. Census and the November Election near.

If you miss the 10 am live broadcast, you can tune into the encore presentation at 8 p.m. Monday, or download the podcast.

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