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Water Safety Another Pandemic Casualty In Texas

Jul 15, 2020
Gabriel Cristóver Pérez/KUT

From Texas Standard:

Drowning can happen at any time, even during a pandemic.

But with more swimming pools closed to the public this year, there’s still a lot of interest from parents wanting to keep their younger children safe around water, by enrolling them in swimming lessons. The problem is, those lessons are hard to come by in a pandemic.

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From Texas Standard:

An invasive species of beetle, the emerald ash borer, has spread to Denton and Bowie Counties for the first time.

The small, metallic-green insect lays its eggs in ash trees and its larvae bore through layers of bark.

A billboard on Interstate 20 outside of Waskom displays an anti-abortion message.
Ben Fenton / The Texas Tribune

Three Texas towns recently voted in favor of anti-abortion ordinances, extending the reach of a campaign to create “sanctuary cities for the unborn” across the state.

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From Texas Standard:

As high school football season moves into playoffs, another kind of competition is taking place: the Texas University Scholastic League’s marching band contests. And though most people are familiar with what’s called “corps band” – those half-time shows with catchy pop tunes and elaborate props –  another marching tradition is part of the competition, too.

Photo by Mose Buchele for KUT News

More than one-third of timber damaged by wildfires in East Texas has been salvaged and resold by property owners. Separate wildfires across the eastern part of the state in June scorched over 30,000 acres. The salvaged timber will be repackaged and sold as building materials, paper, and fuel. The value of the resold goods is expected to exceed $100 million.