This Is Just To Say

Host Carrie Fountain talks with poets about the poems they make and love. 

Fountain has published two collections of poetry, including, most recently, Instant Winner, and a novel  I’m Not Missing.

Fountain's poems have appeared in The American Poetry Review, Poetry, and The New Yorker, among others. She is the writer-in-residence at St. Edward's University and is visiting writer at the Michener Center for Writing at UT.

Support for “This is Just to Say” comes from The School of Arts and Humanities at St. Edward’s University.

Host poet and novelist Carrie Fountain talks with poet Tarfia Faizullah about how the loss of her sister in a car accident influenced her poem "West Texas Nocturne."

Poet Maggie Smith talks about her poem "The Mother" with poet and novelist Carrie Fountain.

Poet Diane Seuss talks with poet and novelist Carrie Fountain about how writing her poem "Song in My Heart" gave her strength after a devastating divorce.

In this edition of This Is Just To Say, poet and novelist Carrie Fountain talks with poet Carl Phillips about his poem "White Dog."

Poet and novelist Carrie Fountain talks with poet Matthew Zapruder about the collaboration that inspired his poem "Frankenstein Love" from his collection Come On All You Ghosts (2010).