National Poetry Month

KUT is partnering with Kealing Middle School, Austin Bat Cave writing center, and Fulmore Middle School to celebrate National Poetry Month. This April, we’re airing poems written by Austin creative writing students.


Apr 1, 2016

Read by Zell Miller III

Like a big pool of disaster sometimes

The highway






You’re stuck on I-35

Honking like a wild animal

And pulling out your hair

My Black Pen

Apr 1, 2016

Read by Owen Egerton

The night sky

is an inkpot

where my pen glides

taking the darkness with it,

creating a flurry of words

that are unspoken yet powerful.

With each stroke

of my black ink pen

I'll take the universe


Apr 1, 2016

Read by Jodi Egerton

The world is a big place,

and we are very small in it.

But the voice of one can reach many,

and the voice of many can reach one.

A ripple made by a pebble, falling into the river,

Moves outward.

I Remember

Apr 1, 2016

Read by Rabbi Neil Blumofe

I remember playing Nintendo 64.

I remember first grade.

I remember flying in a plane.

But I don’t remember my first breath.

I remember birthday parties.

I remember going to Mexico.