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From Texas Standard:

As private space companies begin to send more astronauts to the International Space Station, it's easy to imagine how they could one day send civilian travelers into space, too.

When that day comes, retired NASA astronaut, Col. Terry Virts, wants space travelers to be prepared. His new book, "How to Astronaut: An Insider's Guide to Leaving Planet Earth," is a humorous how-to, of sorts, for the space curious.

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From Texas Standard:

It's been 45 years since astronaut Harrison Schmitt set foot on the moon as part of the Apollo 17 mission – and no one's done it since.

If the president gets his way, that will change. Earlier this week, President Donald Trump issued a new space policy directive, with the goal of returning humans to the moon. So why go back after such a long absence?

The SpaceX complex at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
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From Texas Standard:

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a space shuttle filled with tourists?

While that idea sounds like science fiction, the reality of sending tourists to space is right around the corner – at least if you believe Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. He recently announced that Blue Origin, his private space company, could begin flying private citizens to the edge of the atmosphere by next year.

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From Texas Standard:

Drive down a windy, muddy road, hidden on the backside of Midland airport’s southernmost tarmac, and you’ll find a shiny new hangar and office building: XCOR Aerospace’s Texas headquarters.