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Ron Paul Raises $1 Million In “Money Bomb” Attacking Romney

Photo by Jayel Aheram

Texas Congressman Ron Paul (R-Lake Jackson), hoping to nab the Republican presidential nomination, raked in more than $1 million yesterday by targeting the perceived GOP front runner, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

A "money bomb" is a term used to describe an effort to raise a lot of cash over a specific time span, often over the internet.

As of 3:55 pm today, Paul had raised $1.137 million, according to his website. The campaign was labeled “Revolution vs. Romneycare: Round One”. It attempted to cast Paul as the grassroots underdog in a fight against Romney and “well-heeled party bigwigs and Wall Street insiders.”

A new Rasmussen poll released today suggests Romney remains the front runner in the still-early race to nab the GOP presidential nomination. Forty-nine percent of likely voters said the former Massachusetts governor is qualified to be president. Ron Paul garnered 27 percent in the same survey.

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