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Sunday Morning Round-Up: June 26, 2011

Your round up of the day's news from KUT. (Now with Coffee!)
Photo by KUT News
Your round up of the day's news from KUT. (Now with Coffee!)

Another hot day ahead in Central Texas. Not that you needed me to tell you that. The forecast will remain pretty much the same until....hmmm....maybe October?

So why not sit back, stay cool and read this round up of the day's news.

Reeve Hamilton, with our political reporting partner the Texas Tribune, has a story out today looking at the battle ahead for higher education in Texas. Sure budgets were cut, just like everywhere else, during the recently completed legislative session. But groups on all sides of the debate are now gearing up for a, "...protracted public discussion about how to best address problems such as rising tuition and ballooning student debt."

KUT News has provided very thorough coverage of the proposed F1 economic agreement with the state and city of Austin. But for a little extra reading, you can check out a story by the Austin American Statesman that takes a look at all the proposed economic benefits of F1.

Oh yeah and then there's all this talk about Governor Rick Perry running for President. He hasn't announced yet, but those that have were ranked in the DesMoines Register's 1st Presidential poll of the campaign season. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney took the poll with 23% of the vote. Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann was right on his heels with 22%. But the poll also showed 69% were open to changing their minds (cue the Perry speculation).

Ben Philpott is the Managing Editor for KUT. Got a tip? Email him at Follow him on Twitter @BenPhilpottKUT.