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Judge Strikes Down Portions of Sonogram Law

Photo by Daniel Reese for KUT News.
A federal judge in Austin struck down portions of the sonogram law passed by lawmakers this spring.

A federal judge  in Austin today blocked key provisions of a controversial abortion law passed by the Texas Legislature earlier this year.

The law passed during in early May required a doctor to perform a sonogram, and to read a description of it to women seeking an abortion.

U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks sided with plaintiffs who sought an injunction from the rule going into effect. Attorney Julie Rikelman, with the Center for Reproductive Rights, calls the ruling a victory.

“And the judge has said that that is a violation of the first amendment and that the government can’t force the doctor to act as a government agent in a doctors office and provide information that a doctor does not think is medically necessary and that a patient did not wish to receive,” Rickelman told KUT News.

Shortly after the ruling, Governor Rick Perry released a statement saying he supported Attorney General Greg Abbott in appealing the decision. That appeal has reportedly been filed already.