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Hays County Discontinues Citizen Hotline

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Hays County has discontinued its citizen information phone line. The temporary information number was created because of an increase in calls to the county's dispatch line. Now that the evacuation order for areas of the county has been lifted and temporary shelters closed, the number is no longer being used.

"There's no immediate need for a citizen's information line," said Hays County spokeswoman Laureen Chernow. "If the need arises, of course we will reestablish that phone line."

Residents are being urged to consult the county's website and Twitterfeeds as well as local news sources for up to date information on the fire.

The Pedernales One fire, which was threatening the Hays County line, is now being fought on the Travis County side. Hays County personnel and firefighters are assisting in the effort, Chernow said.

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