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Arrest in Firebombing of State Sen. Wendy Davis' Office

Texas Sen. Wendy Davis' offices were firebombed yesterday by what police characterize as a mentally-ill suspect.

The investigation into the firebombing of state Senator Wendy Davis' Fort Worth office on Tuesday has already nabbed a suspect.

At a press conference this morning, broadcast by WFAA in Dallas, Fort Worth police officers said last night they arrested a 40-year old homeless man, Cedric Steele. He faces charges of arson.

Officers said Steele had tried to meet with Sen. Davis multiple times, but staff had turned him away, believing he was not mentally stable. Though his motive is unknown, Sen. Davis spoke about the vulnerability of people in public office.

“It’s especially incumbent when things like this happen, to remember that our words have meaning. That when we demonize people who are in political roles and we  invite responses that are unreasonable, that these are the kinds of things that occur. And that we are putting people at risk, by doing that.”

According to media accounts, a paper bag filled with six moltov cocktail-like incendiaries were thrown against Sen. Davis' office door. She was not present at the time, but two staffers were. They are both uninjured. You can read more at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Senator Davis is a Democrat who was elected to the Senate in 2008. She famously lead a filibuster in the closing hours of the 2011 legislative session. 

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