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Study: Transgender Texans Face High Levels of Discrimination

According to research from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Forceand the National Center for Transgender Equality, people who are transgender and/or gender non-conforming experience widespread discrimination across the country.

Now, new Texas-focused research released byEquality Texas and the Transgender Education Network of Texas shows that 79 percent of transgender Texans have reported harassment or mistreatment in the workplace.

The new research also stated that respondents identifying as transgender or gender non-conforming while in grade school (K-12) reported a physical assault rate of 46 percent.

“This report graphically demonstrates the discrimination faced by Transgender Texans,” Equality Texas interim executive director Chuck Smith says in a press release. “In our state, where the right of self-determination is so valued, it is unconscionable that anyone would be denied the ability to earn a living, to live where they choose or to be educated.

According to the Texas Labor Code, the state  does not currently prohibit discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender identity.

According to Daniel Williams of Equality Texas, community activism is bringing transgender issues forward, where gay rights may have previously owned the spotlight.

“Over the last decade or so, we’ve seen an emergence of the trans[gender] community as a vocal and organized community,” says Williams. “And I think that has made a huge difference, as more people have seen and come to know trans people in their lives.

Another key finding of the national report from last year was that minorities experienced the highest levels of transgender discrimination.

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