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Historic Letter Heads 'Home' to the Alamo


For the first time since it was written more than 170 years ago, the Travis letter will return the Alamo.

The famous letter—known to many as the “victory or death” letter—was written by William B. Travis to request reinforcements at the Alamo.

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission has controlled access to the letter since the early 1900’s and it has only been loaned out and displayed a few times.The Texas General Land Office requested to borrow the letter to draw interest in the Alamo and Texas history.

"This one is, I guess, extra special because it’s going to go to the Alamo where it was actually written for the first time so it’s going to be kind of a reunion of Texas treasures or icons of Texas history," Cesar Garza, Communications Officer with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, says.

The letter will be on display at the Alamo from Feb. 23rd through March 7th.

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