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Mapping Demographics in Central Texas' Congressional Districts

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New data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows three of the seven congressional districts in Central Texas are less diverse and have higher white population percentages than the entire state, among other characteristics.

The Census Bureau is now releasing demographic breakdowns by individual congressional districts, a first for the department

The demographic breakdowns includes race, median income, education, veteran population and more. KUT News has mapped many of the demographics below. Click anywhere in a district to see demographic data.

Some interesting data points in the Central Texas’ congressional districts:

  • Districts 21, 25 and 27's white population’s percentage is higher than the state, at 85.3, 84.4 and 85.7 percent respectively. The statewide white population percentage is about 81 percent.
  • District 35, the only Central Texas district with a Democratic representative, has the highest Hispanic or Latino population.
  • The congressional districts with higher percentages of people with bachelor's degrees tend to have higher median incomes.
  • District 31 has the highest veteran population.
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