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Interactive Map: Travis is Texas' Second Fastest Growing County

Booming production of oil and gas is just one of the reasons for the rapid population growth in Texas.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports Andrews County, near oil-rich Midland, is the state’s fastest growing county. But in second place, Travis County has attracted more than 71,000 people within two years.

City of Austin demographer Ryan Robinson says the continued growth in the Austin's area is driven by something arguably even more valuable than energy production.   

“Places like Midland and Odessa – that growth is definitely being driven by new oil exploration,” Robinson says. “But Austin’s sustained rapid population growth is driven by strong job growth and very high quality of life.”

And it’s not just Midland and Austin: the Census Bureau says 11 Texas counties are among the 50 fastest-growing in the U.S.

KUT News has created an interactive map plotting 2010-2012 population growth by county. Click on any county the map above to learn more.

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