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The Most Popular Obamacare Plans in Texas
Most consumers in Texas – and across the U.S. – are choosing health insurance plans within the silver tier through the federal marketplace.";s:

We’re learning more about the type of health insurance plan most Texas consumers purchased through the federal marketplace and how much they’re paying ,through data released today by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Consumers can choose from four tiers of health plans – platinum to bronze. The most expensive ones contain the most benefits, while the lower cost plans with fewer benefits.

Most consumers in Texas chose the lowest or second lowest plans within the mid-level silver tier. Here's several examples of silver level plans from  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.

According to the Health and Human Services, the average monthly premium in Texas is $305 a month, before a tax credit. After the subsidy, the average premium drops to $72. Almost 85 percent of people in Texas selected plans with a subsidy.

Federal officials say they aren’t yet releasing any data on the income level of people buying these plans. They say the department will release information on how many people actually paid for the plans – rather than just sign up for them – later this year.

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