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Gov. Perry Praises Fort Hood Troops Before Liberia Deployment to Fight Against Ebola

Soldiers at Fort Hood got a visit from Texas Gov. Rick Perry yesterday. Hundreds of them will deploy to Liberia soon to help in the fight against Ebola.

Gov. Perry gave soldiers in Fort Hood’s 36th Engineering Brigade a pep talk. He told them they’re making a difference for the U.S. and the world.

"I’m quite certain of your success so God speed and I wish you safe travels and a fast journey back home as well," Perry said.

Inside a military training facility, the soldiers learned how to put on white body suits and blue gloves that protect against infectious diseases. While these engineers are trained in using gas masks, this particular training is new to them.

In Liberia, about 500 troops from this brigade will build Ebola treatment centers, or medical facilities.
While overseas, they’ll rely on the “buddy system” to look after each other. "The buddy system is very important," says Spc. Michael Potts, 29, who's from Fort Worth. "We rely on each other, we’re there for each other and we’re always watching each others backs. I mean that’s a big priority, big concern."

The deployment will last at least six to nine months. Texas soldiers are joining thousands of troops from across the U.S. for the mission.

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