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Austin Senior Day Center Honors Veterans With Visit From ROTC Cadets

In Texas and across the country today, military veterans are being honored for their service. Here in Austin, some senior vets got a visit from University of Texas Air Force cadets at AGE of Central Texas, a non-residential adult day center.

Nicholas Valdez wore his Korean War veteran cap as he had his lunch. The former Army infantryman says he’s proud to see ROTC members preparing for a military career.

"In one way or another, we all have to serve our country," Valdez said. "I’ve done my part. I had five brothers in the service, so I’m glad about that. I’m very patriotic about those things."

Cadet Third Class Garrett Goldstone, 20, says he feels a great deal of pride for the nation’s veterans.

"Yes, they’re part of history, but they’re also part of our heritage and that’s one of the things that speaks volumes to me and all of my fellow cadets here," Goldstone said.

Goldstone will graduate from UT-Austin in May of 2016 and go into active duty. AGE has 17 veterans among its members, including at least one veteran of World War II.

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