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Do You Need Eggs For Breakfast Tacos?


You’ve seen the headlines this month: “America’s Egg Shortage Threatens Austin’s Breakfast Taco Supply," “Austin Restaurants Respond To National Egg Crisis.”

But - wait a minute. We need to think through this clearly. Deep breaths.

Not having eggs in your tacos isn’t a tragedy; it's an opportunity to branch out of your comfort zone. That’s what MandoRayo says - he’s the author of a book called “Austin Breakfast Tacos.” He stopped by the Texas Standard to put us at ease.

On restaurants charging extra for eggs:

“Yes that is true, they are charging just a little bit extra delivery fee of the egg from the chicken. As well as limiting their hours of operation for breakfast, which is a tragedy in Austin because in Austin if you wake up at 7 in the morning, at 2 in the afternoon, or 5 o’clock, you need your breakfast taco.”

On alternatives for eggs in breakfast tacos:

“The breakfast taco, you know, Mexicans have been eating tacos before Texas was Texas. Breakfast tacos do not always come with egg. Anything outside eggs, like barbacoa, picadillo, like ground beef with potatoes and some pico de gallo with some spices, lots of pepper. Also carne guisada, which is stewed meat and gravy. You can do cactus, but that usually goes really well with eggs. Avocado and bean taco with just a little bit of cheese is delicious!”

On whether a breakfast taco is truly a breakfast taco without eggs:

“I laugh in your face! Abuelita’s have been making breakfast tacos without eggs. As soon as that part of frijoles was done, refried with a little bit of butter, that’s a breakfast taco!”

In your opinion, do breakfast tacos need eggs? Tweet @TexasStandard using #NotAllTacos and tell us what you think!


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