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To Meet The Needs Of A Booming Industry, UT Will Offer A Game Development And Design Degree


From Texas Standard:

The total market value of the video-gaming industry reached almost $135 billion in 2018, and with that growth has come an increased demand for game developers. In hopes some of its graduates stand out in that market, the University of Texas at Austin is launching a new degree program in video game design and development.

Michael Baker, director of the Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies Game Design program at UT Austin, says it’s easier than ever to get into the industry.

“The engines that run the games, the tools that are used to create content for the games, all of that has developed to the point now that it’s very accessible for a lot of people,” Baker says. “It means that the industry is exploding. ... It also means that there is competition and opportunity as well.”

Baker says salaries for many jobs in the gaming industry approach six figures, and specialists in augmented and virtual reality can expect to make the most.

“There’s a lot of investment that continues to pour into those two categories,” he says. “Finding qualified people who not only understand how games are made and how to work with the tools but also understand how to apply those to these new realms is really important.”

In addition to creating games for consoles and for PC and mobile platforms, designers are now applying their techniques to other fields, including architecture and automobile design. Baker says the future of ride-hailing, for example, is now tied to game development.

“We’re seeing this expansion, as well, to experience design,” Baker says. “Game technology is the medium that is being used to design those spaces or design those experiences.”

Written by Sol Chase.

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