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How Dirk Nowitzki's 21 Years With The Dallas Mavericks Endeared Him To Texas Fans

Michael Marks/Texas Standard
Dirk Nowitzki's final NBA game with the Dallas Mavericks, at the AT&T Center in San Antonio Wednesday.

From Texas Standard:

Wednesday night, the San Antonio Spurs beat the Dallas Mavericks in the final regular season game for each team. After, Dallas forward Dirk Nowitzki answered questions from the press. Nowitzki is used to press conferences; he's attended plenty during his 21 seasons in the NBA. But this one was different because it was his last. Nowitzki had announced his retirement just the day before.

Texas Standard's Michael Marks was at the game, and says he bought his ticket to the Maverick’s last game months ago in case Nowitzki planned to retire. Marks grew up in the Dallas area, and says Nowitzki was his sports hero.

Marks isn’t alone; after Nowitzki announced his retirement at the end of Tuesday’s game in Dallas, the entire crowd chanted repeatedly and loudly, “Thank you Dirk!”

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– How Nowitzki fans traveled to San Antonio just to see him play his last NBA game

– Why Dallas fans feel so connected to Nowitzki

– How Nowitzki’s NBA career is unique compared to those of other players

Written by Caroline Covington.

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