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Luckenbach or La Grange? Vote in the championship matchup for the best songs about places in Texas

The third round in a tournament bracket of songs about places in Texas. Scroll down to vote for your picks in a Google Form poll.
Raul Alonzo
Texas Standard

Texas Standard is getting into the March Madness spirit with a tournament of songs inspired by Texas places and spaces.

Yes, we know there are many great and iconic songs about Texas – and more all the time – but for this bracket we are focusing on tunes about specific cities or places in the Lone Star State. And we need your help deciding which song becomes our champion. Check back during each round of voting to make your picks in the form below.

Vote now in the championship:

Make the case for your top songs

As our tournament winds down, we want to hear from you! Do you have a special connection to or story about one of the songs remaining in the bracket? Use the form below to record a short message telling us about it – you may hear yourself on an upcoming Texas Standard!

The rounds

Round of 32: March 18-19

Sweet 16: March 20-21

Elite Eight: March 22-25

Final Four: March 26-27

Championship: March 28-29

The methodology

The Texas Standard staff drew up a long list of songs named after, about or referencing a specific location in Texas. From there, we sought input from our station colleagues at KUT and (music experts) KUTX to vote on 32 songs to fill out the tournament field.

Of course, we’re not perfect. Do you see a glaring omission or a wild card that should have been considered? Let us know! There may be some honorable mentions in order …

If you’re digging our tournament playlist, be sure to check out the Texas Music Experience powered by KUTX, where you can livestream artists and songs linked to the Lone Star State 24/7, wherever you are. And don’t forget to follow Texas Standard on Spotify, where we post daily playlists of all the music you hear on the broadcast.

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