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How Much Can You Save by Biking to Work?

Photo by Filipa Rodrigues for KUT News
You can calculate your commuter savings by switching to two wheels.

Today is National Bike to Work Day – and with Austin’s infamous gridlock, more and more commuters are increasingly pedal-powered.

In celebration of Bike to Work Day, offers Americans a way to see exactly how much money they would save by riding their bikes to work every day. 

From the heart of residential Tarrytown, at Windsor Road and Exposition Boulevard, to Austin City Hall, Kiplinger estimates a savings of $13.19 a day for a seven-mile round trip and $10 a day for parking for about $3,500 in yearly savings.

From the intersection of East 12th St. and Airport Blvd. to Sixth Street and Congress Avenue downtown, Kiplinger estimates a savings of $2.05 a day for a 4.5 mile daily commute – but that's assuming you don't have to pay for parking downtown if you had to take your car. With $5 street parking a day for example, you would save around $1,800 a year. 

The City of Austin has a published bike map that details exact bike routes and the bike safety laws and regulations. That map can be found here.

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