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Cap Metro Begins Bus & Rail Fare Hikes Next Week

Courtesy of Capital Metro

Austinites taking public transportation will see a hike in bus and rail fares next week. Starting Jan. 11, fares are going to go up on Capital Metro mass transit.

For bus-goers, what cost just fifty cents six years ago will now cost $1.25. Capital Metro is increasing the base fare for rides on local bus routes this winter, a 25 percent increase. Fares are also going up for what the agency calls its premium buses, like MetroRapid, to $1.75 per ride. Additionally, a trip on the Metrorail Red Line will now cost you $3.50 each way, up from $2.75.

“The upcoming fare change will really help Capital Metro stay in line with the cost of inflation over the last 30 years,” says Capital Metro’s Vice President of Communication Dan Dawson. “[We are] kind of staying up to date with the cost of fuels, vehicles and the cost of operators and such."

This is the third time Capital Metro has increased its base fare since 2008, but the transit agency says their fares are still below the state average.

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