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MoPacalypse 2016: Austinites React

Jillian Schantz Patrick for KUT News

Austin's traffic problems are pretty much woven into the fiber of this city at this point. We've gotthe most congested roadway in the state in I-35, which causes plenty of traffic-related frustrations for many a commuter, but we've also got 10 other roadways on the list of the top 100 most congested roadways. 

One of those is MoPac, which, every now and again, somehow finds a new way to twist the knife, causing a previously unimagined amount of traffic pain. Typically they're brief – caused by something like inclement weather – but this time, it's different. Some are calling the traffic pains caused by the northbound lane closure a MoPacalypse.

The MoPacalypse that has gripped Austin is here to stay—for a while—and Austinites aren't happy about it. 

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