National Poetry Month

KUT is partnering with Kealing Middle School, Austin Bat Cave writing center, and Fulmore Middle School to celebrate National Poetry Month. This April, we’re airing poems written by Austin creative writing students.

The Old Queen

Apr 28, 2016

The fence snaps.

She would have ignored the hatchlings,

But they taunt her.

She taunts them back.

The coward tastes as bad as he smells.

She ignores the small things,

and instead works on stealth.

Eventually, Rebel challenges the queen.

She is destroyed.

Eventually, the small things come back.

She is given a den that is comfortable

and often a few offerings,

but it’s still only boredom that awaits her every day.

When Red One opens her cage,

she feels that something is going to happen.


Apr 28, 2016

Brought up

Feeling worthless, ugly ducklin

Some might say I’m crazy

Take it up with god my creator

That made me, I keep it in

The Church on the daily, One day

That word might save me.

I’ve been actin up lately. Can’t

Get my thoughts through.

Tossing and turning in my bed

All night trying to put up a

Really bad fight. People

Always judging me for who I

Am, well my name’s Jazmyne

Jolley, and that’s who I am

And If you don’t like it I don’t

Give a damn. Haters are my


Apr 28, 2016

Lights flashing everywhere, music turned up loud,

The band playing, the crowd bobbing

Their heads to the sound

And it quickly turns into headbanging.

Long, tangled hair flying everywhere like birds in the sky.

Fingers sliding across the fret board like bugs in the light.

Bass thumping away like toads on a log.

The crowd going crazy like a pack of wild dogs.

The band runs around the stage like excited children.

Hands reach up for high fives.

The arena a jumbled mass of screaming hands and hair


Apr 28, 2016

I must admit

That I’m surprised

That you looked on

As I almost compromised

The thing you’ve been working on

for all this time

I wonder why

you didn’t stop me


Apr 28, 2016

All I ever wanted was love

All I’ve ever gotten was hate

Taken from my Mama at birth

Envied, used and abused everyday

Papa my protector, never left me

been there since day one

Until age 13, God said it was his time to

come home.