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Great Distance

Read by Carrie Fountain

Before I bury my head In yet another book

filled with magic and mythical monsters,

I sigh, for I have a wish

That can only come true

In a real world filled with magic and mythical monsters.

I want to be a superhero who fights magical beasts,

Makes brave decisions and performs miraculous deeds

While fighting for my beliefs!

I want magic, I want mystery!

You say it doesn’t exist

With a dismissive roll of your eyes.

But I cannot help but wish!

Hope, you say, will not deliver for you.

You will never have your silly magic wands and unicorns!

And I say to you, yes,

Hope will not deliver,

Nor will any amount of dreaming or wishing,

But the whole entire point,

You see,

Is          How             Far                 Away       It        is.

There is an uncompromising distance

Between society

And the myths and stories read by a girl,

Whose opinions don’t matter

Until she is eighteen.

Complete is my desire for sword fights and dragons,

Yet today

All childish notions have been completely snuffed out

By the growing foot of adulthood,

Which still hasn't found

A boot

That fits.

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