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Top Morning Stories May 25, 2011

The sanctuary cities bill did not move forward in the Texas Senate Tuesday.
Photo by Erik Reyna for KUT News.
The sanctuary cities bill did not move forward in the Texas Senate Tuesday.

Sanctuary Cities Bill Hits Roadblock 

The Texas Senate failed to get enough votes to bring up the bill last night.  The legislation would prohibit cities, counties and other governmental entities from adopting policies that prevent law enforcement from asking persons lawfully detained or arrested if they are in the country legally.  Julian Aguilar is covering the story for KUT's political reporting partner the Texas Tribune:

Several Democrats said they believed the move means the bill is finally dead. But they didn’t rule out the possibility of a parliamentary maneuver or other legislative loophole to revive the legislation as Wednesday’s deadline to pass bills out of the Senate looms.  

Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst said he’s dedicated to passing the sanctuary cities bill. Governor Rick Perry declared it emergency legislation this session. 

Dallas Storms Affecting Flights

Last night’s storms in the Dallas area have canceled some flights between Austin and Dallas.  At least six flights have been canceled today.  If you’re flying to Dallas, you can check your flight status at

The Associated Press reports people at Dallas’ two airports were moved to basements, stairwells and restrooms as the high winds and hail moved through. Meteorologists are working to figure out if there were any tornadoes in the Dallas area yesterday.

161 Dogs Rescued From Bastrop Home

The Austin American-Statesmanis reporting the Austin Humane Society is looking for homes for 161 dogs  rescued from a home in Bastrop County. 

"Despite their condition — several of them had dirt and feces matted into their hair, and all of the dogs were covered in urine and infested with fleas — their tails are still wagging and looking for kisses from our staff members," said Amanda Ryan-Smith, director of development and marketing for the Austin Humane Society. She said the dogs all came from one house and were voluntarily turned over to Bastrop County Animal Control starting Friday. 

The Statesman reports the case is under investigation for possible animal cruelty charges.