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Top Morning Stories May 30, 2011

A filibuster Sunday night in the Texas Senate on a key fiscal bill could prompt a special legislative session.
Photo by KUT News.
A filibuster Sunday night in the Texas Senate on a key fiscal bill could prompt a special legislative session.

Senate Filibuster Threatens Texas Budget

A filibuster in the Texas Senate appears to have killed a bill lawmakers needed to help balance the state's budget for 2012-2013 and cut funding to public schools. The same bill was able to pass the House Sunday, only to get stuck in the Senate. Since today is the final day of the regular legislative session, a special session appears inevitable. Senator Wendy Davis (D- Ft. Worth) ended her 75 minute filibuster last night reading a list of how much each of the more than 12,000 Texas school districts would lose in funding if proposed budget cuts were allowed to become law.  For KUT News and the Texas Tribune, Ben Philpott has more in his report on what's next, which you can check out here.


Remembering Texas Governor Clements

Funeral services are pending for former Governor William “Bill” Clements. He passed away Sunday at the age of 94.  In 1978 Governor Clements was the first Republican elected as Texas governor since Reconstruction. Republican Senator Jeff Wentworth served as Clements’ co-campaign chairman in Bexar County.

“He was a no nonsense, straight talking sometimes gruff not very subtle person. You knew where he was coming from he was a very strong leader. He and Senator John Towerare the two individuals most responsible for the two party political system we have in Texas today,” Wentworth told KUT News. 

Clements served two terms as Texas Governor from 1979-1983 and again from 1987-1991. He also served as U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense before his first term as governor.

City Offices Closed for Memorial Day

City of Austin offices are closedfor Memorial Day today.  Public libraries and museums are also closed.  Garbage, recycling and yard trimmings collection for City of Austin customers will be picked up as usual today.

City golf courses, tennis centers and pools are open today. 

Fire in Burnet County Forced Evacuations

A large fire in Burnet County burned 280 acres of land last night and forced evacuations in the area, according to YNN. The blaze began as a brush fire along Summit Ridge Road in Burnet and was spread by high winds. The fire was contained by 10:30 last night. YNN reports evacuations are over:

11:30 p.m. update: Burnet, Texas evacuees have been allowed to return to their homes, according to an official notice from the city. Residents are advised to monitor the news in case the fire picks up again.