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Interactive: Census Reveals Rising Poverty Rates Across Texas

Percentage of the Texas Population Living in Poverty: All Ages

In 2010, 4.4 million Texans — including 1.7 million children — lived below the poverty line, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released Tuesday. That's 18 percent of the total population and 26 percent of children in Texas. To be considered poor, a family of four must have had a household income less than $22,500 in 2010. The rising poverty levels since the national recession hit in 2007 have affected more than 200 of Texas' 254 counties. Use these interactive maps to compare the rate of poverty across the state. 

How to use the maps: The lightest-colored counties have less than 10 percent poverty.  The darkest-colored counties have greater than 25 percent.  Click on individual counties to see a graph of the annual change there. 

Percentage of the Children in Texas Living in Poverty: Ages 0-17

Becca Aaronson develops data interactives and reports for The Texas Tribune. After an internship in fall 2010, she was hired by the Tribune to help cover the 82nd legislative session. She previously interned at the Houston Chronicle. Becca is a native of Austin who graduated from Scripps College in Claremont, Calif., with a degree in cultural theory.