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Burn Ban Lifted Again

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A ban on outdoor burning was lifted this morning by the Travis County Commissioners Court.

It seems like just weeks ago that a burn ban was put back into place for Travis County. (In fact, it was.) But citing the amount of rain the county’s recently received, the ban was lifted this morning by the Travis County Commissioners Court.

Travis County Fire Marshal Hershel Lee told the commissioners there may still be places and times when it’s not safe to burn, but the cumulative rain has lowered the drought index in Travis County to an acceptable point.

“That drought index means that’s how much moisture is in the top 8 inches of the soil, not what’s in the plant matter above ground,” Lee told the commissioners this morning. “Now as the days stay warm – and they have been warmer than normal – then the grasses will have a chance to grow. And as the moisture is brought above grade, that’s what will help to keep fires from spreading.”

While recent rains may been enough to keep fires from spreading, they haven't done much to alleviate Texas' ongoing drought.

The fire marshal’s office asks residents to notify their local fire department before conducting any outdoor burning. If you need any help locating yours, you can contact the country at 512-854-4621.

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