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Video: The Summer Camp That Prepares Texas Students for Disaster

This week, forty five Texas high school students participated in the Texas School Safety Center's third annual Youth Preparedness Camp. It's a week-long camp in Kerrville, Texas, aimed to teach students how to respond to emergencies and  increase disaster preparedness in Texas communities. 

This is the third year the Texas School Safety Center has organized the camp. After the school shooting in Newtown and the Tornadoes in Oklahoma occurred this past school year, young people are even more aware of the need to be prepared:

“We’re past the day where we can’t say anymore it’s not going to happen here," said Joe McKenna, the camp coordinator. 

Taylor Kelley is a high school junior from Cold Springs, Texas. She was the incident commander for the drill.

“A disaster could pop up at any minute and some communities don’t even know what to do... and so if you have young people, they’re in the community longer, they can help build it," Kelley said.

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