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See and Hear 'Yakona'


The award-winning documentary film Yakona, about the San Marcos River, tells its story without words; it's made up mostly of shots of the river itself, often from under the water. Without dialogue or narration, the film's music is often called upon to convey emotion or to inform the narrative

Yakona's score, by Austin composer Justin Sherburn, is therefore vital to the film, and this month, he'll perform that score live for two screenings of the documentary.

The score you'll hear live won't be exactly what's on the film's soundtrack, though. As Sherburn explains, he and his band will perform the music with a live audience in mind, which will mean a little less subtlety and a little more rhythm and boldness.

See 'Yakona' with a live score on Novmeber 16 and 23 at the North Door

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