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Meet 'One Red Thread' Author Ernie Wood


Austin author Ernie Wood has spent years writing non-fiction books, magazine articles, and documentary film scripts. And now, he's published his first novel, One Red Thread.

It's the story of an architect, Eddy McBride, who discovers that he's able to travel through time. Using this ability, he reexamines his own family history, discovering more than he might have intended.

While time travel is a large part of the book, One Red Thread isn't overly concerned with the mechanics or science of time travel. It's more about the consequences of McBride's journey. While writing the novel, Wood says he researched dozens of books and stories about time travel and discovered that they rarely discussed the effects that the protagonist's actions had on their present. But that's what really interested Wood, who says, "What I wanted to talk about was coming to grips with your family history... and then what effect does that have on you today?"

One Red Thread is available everywhere books are sold, and author Ernie Wood will be at Book People on Monday, January 5.

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