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Enjoy Some 'Simple Sundries' at Salvage Vangaurd Theater


The folks at Glass Half Full Theatre like to combine elements in their show. The combination of live performance and puppetry is a trademark of Glass Half Full, and they also tend to mix a little social commentary in with their comedy.

The new work 'Simple Sundries' uses all those elements. Using an earlier short play about a woman and a pigeon as their basis, writers Caroline Wreck and Parker Dority crafted a full-length show that includes puppetry and physical comedy and also has something to say about the changing face of Austin's East Side.

The woman is a shop owner who has opened a new store in East Austin with the best of intentions. The pigeon character has evolved into a monk parakeet whose home has been taken over by the new store but who has no intention of going quietly.

See 'Simple Sundries' through March 14 at Salvage Vanguard Theater.

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