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KUT and the Ruthe Winegarten Foundation celebrate Women’s History Month with the “Texas Women’s History Moment” throughout March. Each day, these 90-second pieces highlight the impact that women in the Lone Star State have had in shaping what Texas has become today. This year’s additions include Molly Ivins, Sophia Alice Callahan, Maria Elena Zamora O'Shea, Lydia Mendoza, Mary Couts Burnett and many others. You can hear them throughout the day on KUT during this month or play them within the posts below.Thank you to our sponsors – OBGYN North and Natural Beginning Birth Center.

Texas Women's History Month (Week One)

Native American Women Texas
Gerald W. Williams Collection-2008

This month, KUT is partnering with the Ruthe Winegarten Foundation to celebrate Women's History Month. Every day, we'll bring you a short feature spotlighting a historic woman, movement, or group of women in Texas. 

In our first week, we'll look at the African-American women's suffrage movement in Texas; activist Jane Y. McCallum; Mollie Bailey, the "Circus Queen of the Southwest;" Ruthe Winegarten herself, and more. 

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