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Jodi and Owen Egerton Write 'This Word Now'

Writers Jodi and Owen Egerton have been married for a dozen years, and in their time together they've always helped each other with their various creative projects. "We keep editing each other and re-reading each other, and we've found that we have a similar approach to creativity," Owen says. That shared approach to (and love for) creativity led to the pair co-writing This Word Now, their new book on the creative process.

"I didn't think to myself 'Owen and I are launching into a two-year venture to write a book together. Let's see what that approach to marriage and life is going to look like,'" Jodi says. "And it turns out it was actually really fun, but it did take us a while to discover how we write together as opposed to just how we brainstorm together or how we edit each other's stuff."

This Word Now includes exercises, essays, and stories, and was designed by the Egertons to be a creative spark for beginning writers, more established writers, or for those who want to write but don't know where to start. It's apparently working, because Owen himself has been using the book as guide to help direct himself while writing other projects. "I've been lately re-reading This Word Now - the very book we wrote! - to remind myself, 'Oh, yeah, what do I do at this point in the process?'," Owen says. "You know, you've taken that path through the woods a hundred times, and then suddenly someone asks you to write a map...and it becomes a really useful thing once you're lost again."

Ultimately, the authors hope that This Word Now will give aspiring writers the boost they need to put pen to page. Jodi says she hopes the book will give readers "permission to dive into projects that...some internal voice has said 'Oh, don't do that.'" 

"'Permission to do it' is a great way of putting it," Owen agrees. "Go do it. Do it badly! And then improve."

This Word Nowis available everywhere fine books are sold.

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