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Ones To Watch: Mélat

Gabriel C. Pérez

All this week, KUTX will profile the Ones To Watch: seven must-see artists at SXSW 2018. 

Mélat is an Austin-based artist who’s influenced by a little bit of everything: Ella Fitzgerald, Mariah Carey, even the Ethiopian music she heard around the house growing up. It makes for an interesting mix on her latest album Move Me II: The Present.

Mélat’s music is danceable and catchy, but what sets it apart is the message.

“I wanna be able to use my music to put out a positive message to remind people to love one another,” she said in her recent My KUTX episode, “because we do have more love and more good in this world than negativity and bad stuff. You know, that’s the only way we’ve been able to survive, to let just that part of us thrive, even when the whole world is crumbling.”

Listen to the feature below, hosted by Jody Denberg and produced by Art Levy. Catch Mélat live at the Four Seasons on Thursday, March 15 at 7 a.m.

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