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The Best Songs Ever ... This Week, May 31, 2019

Courtesy of the artists
(From left) Daniel Norgren, Madison Cunningham and Anderson Paak

The staff at our sister station KUTX scour the earth to bring listeners the best music. Most Fridays, they share three of their favorite songs on Morning Edition.

"Dandelion Time" by Daniel Norgren

First up, music from Daniel Norgren. When I first heard this, I thought, this guy is definitely from Mississippi or somewhere in the South. Then I looked him up and learned he’s from Sweden--I was way off. This hypnotic, vintage sounding tune is called "Dandelion Time."

"Pin It Down" by Madison Cunningham

Next up, a California singer-songwriter who sounds like Joni Mitchell but with a little more groove. Her name is Madison Cunningham and this song is called "Pin It Down."

"Make It Better" by Smokey Robinson and Anderson Paak

Finally, a legend teaming up with one of the hottest new acts – no, not Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. It’s Anderson Paak with Smokey Robinson. There is no generational divide here, just two artists who are perfectly in tune. This one is called "Make It Better."

Produced by Art Levy