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Party for the People

Welcome to Party for the People!

Tonight's event is hosted by Good Politics, MOVE Texas, US Tomorrow, the Austin Monitor and KUT.

A couple things you can do right away:

  • Visit our friends at A Functional Democracy. They're at a table near the couches in the back. You can get a basic lesson in local government, find out which political district you live in and more!
  • If you're not registered to vote — visit our friends at MOVE Texas. It's too late to register to vote in the primary, but still time to register for the general election in November.
  • Grab your drink of choice from our friendly bartenders. 
  • Study up on what offices people are running for. Know what the job is before you ask about what they'd do. You can find those descriptions here.
  • Tell KUT about what you want the candidates to be talking about as they compete for your vote. We'll use your input to inform our news coverage of the general election between now and November.

You can also see who's on your primary ballot using this tool:

We've invited candidates on the primary ballot from both parties. They'll be stationed around the room — don't be shy, just go up and talk to them. A couple questions you might ask:

  • What's your number one issue?
  • How do you plan to do something about it?
  • What makes you different than your opponents?
  • What's your favorite breed of dog?

Ask them whatever you like — but please be kind to others and keep it polite. This event is about discussion and common ground — not arguments.