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Prop 1 Headed to Victory

A $90 million dollar transportation bond appears headed for voter approval. With 134 of 196 precincts reporting, 57 percent were in favor of Proposition 1 with 43 percent opposed. KUT’s Mose Buchele talked to Ted Siff of the Get Austin Moving Political Action Committee about the win.

KUT News: How are you feeling?

Ted Siff: The early vote is very positive at 55 percent for proposition one. We don’t celebrate until the last vote is counted. It feels pretty good right now.

KUT News: Are you happy with that?

Siff: I had no expectations of anything other than winning. So 50 plus 1 is a victory. If it’s 55 percent or 51 percent, I couldn’t be happier.  

KUT News: It’s been said numerous times that this is just the beginning of a longer journey towards addressing Austin’s transportation needs. What do you think are the next steps?

Siff: Well, sure this is just the first step. The Transportation-Public Works Department has identified literally hundreds of dollars worth of need. But $90 million in this economy can go further than $90 million in a hotter economy. We can get started faster. These initial seventy projects will be started within the next 24 months, and we’ll be that much further ahead when we come around again, maybe in two years, and try to do more.

KUT News: I didn’t know there would be as much opposition to this. It kind of materialized at the last minute. Was that something you had to deal with in getting the word out about the proposition?

Siff: The opposition was shocking in large part because so much of the information was inaccurate. But, it’s a democracy. Anybody has the opportunity to voice their opinions. I’m just so happy that smart Austin voters, the majority, decided to get Austin moving now.

KUT News: Thank you so much. I appreciate it.