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How New School Funding Formulas Cut Districts

Photo by KUT News
Public education cuts have been key in this year's budget debate.

The House and Senate will take up SB 1811 tomorrow. The bill creates about $2.5 billion for the state budget, while also cutting public education by around 4 billion.

How that money will be cut from individual schools wasn't known until this afternoon when the House put out what's called the district runs. The spreadsheet shows how funding in each district will change in 2012 and 2013.

One quick point of clarification. This set of numbers has a "year one" boost from $830 million in federal money. That skews the across the board 6% cuts in the first year and makes them all look smaller.  You can find your school district below. I would suggest clicking the "view in fullscreen" button on the bottom left. 


SB 1811 Summary

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