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Gov. Perry Still On Top in Poll After Difficult Week

Photo by Ben Philpott for KUT News
Rick Perry, for now, appears to have kept his head above water after last week's poor debate and straw poll results.

Bad debate? No Problem!

Sure, Brit Hume of FOX News said Gov. Perry, "...really did throw up all over himself..." at the Thursday's debate in Orlando. But according to a new poll taken after that debate, Perry still leads the GOP field.

The new poll taken over the weekend shows Perry's support dropping 2-percent to 28-percent. But that still bests Romney who jumps 3 points to 21-percent.

And that's with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in the race. Take her name out, and Perry's support jumps to 30-percent.

According to the poll, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney still has a better chance of beating President Obama in a general election, despite trailing Perry.

Here's the General Election Numbers:

Obama: 51%
Perry: 46%

Obama: 49%
Romney: 48%