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Live Blog: Travis County Votes

Jorge Sanhueza Lyon/KUT

While the candidates at the top of the ballot have brought near-record turnout in Travis County, there's still plenty left on the ballot for Travis County voters to decide this Super Tuesday. Follow along for all of the results right here to get the rundown on how the local races are shaping up. 

Travis County District Attorney – Current Travis County Prosecutor Gary Cobb is facing Democratic candidates Rick Reed and Margaret Moore, though Reed admitted today on Facebook that he himself was voting for Moore because it was “obvious” he couldn’t get enough votes to make it into the runoff. Republican Maura Phelan is running unopposed.

  • 10:27 p.m. — With 58 percent of Travis County places reporting, Moore still holds a commanding lead over Cobb with 60 percent of the vote.
  • 10:02 p.m. — With a third of Travis County polling places reporting, Moore maintains her 60 percent lead, compared to Cobb's 33.67 percent. 
  • 9:35 p.m. — With 11.58 percent of locations reporting, Moore has 33,034 votes (60 percent) to Cobb's 18,284 votes (33.4 percent.)
  • 9:23 p.m. — The latest Election Day results (1,711 votes) show Margaret Moore maintains her early voting lead, with 55 percent of the vote compared to  Gary Cobb's 55 percent and Rick Reed's 6.2 percent. Moore's lead shrinks slightly to 60.79 percent, Cobb's shrinks to 33.23 percent and Reed's ticks slightly upward to 5.98 percent.
  • Early Voting totals show Margaret Moore in the lead with 61 percent of the vote, while Gary Cobb trails with 33 percent of the vote. Rick Reed garnered nearly 6 percent of the vote.

Travis County Sheriff – Todd Radford, Don X. Rios, John Sisson and Sally Hernandez are fighting for the Democratic spot on the ticket and the chance to face unopposed Republican candidate Joe G. Martinez on the November ballot.

  • 11:11 p.m. — With 84 percent of Travis County locations reporting, Hernandez maintains her lead with 50.88 percent of the vote (52,329 votes). With 22,037 votes, Todd Radford has 21 percent in second place.
  • 10:12 p.m. — Hernandez passes the 50 percent mark (50.21 percent off of 36,194 reported votes) with 40 percent of Travis County polling places reporting. 
  • 10:04 p.m. — With a third of Travis County polling places reporting, Hernandez leads with 49.83 percent of votes (33,743 votes). 
  • 9:38 p.m. — Hernandez inches closer to the 50 percent mark off 27,693 votes. 
  • 9:30 p.m. — The latest numbers show Sally Hernandez's totals tick upward to 49 percent. Todd Radford lags behind with 21.83 percent and Don X. Rios gets 19.54 percent of the 1,758 Election Day voting totals.
  • Sally Hernandez takes a commanding lead in the early voting totals with a 48.75 percent lead. Todd Radford trails Hernandez with 21.98 percent of the vote, Don X. Rios got 19.6 percent of the vote and John Sisson scored 9.67 percent of early votes in Travis County.

Travis County Commissioner Place 1 – Republican Pat McCord runs unopposed, while Jeff Travillion, Marc Hoskins, James Nortey, Arthur Sampson and Richard Franklin III battle it out for the Democratic nomination.

  • 11:27 p.m. — With 84 percent of polling places reporting, Travillion still holds a strong lead, with 41.58 percent from 8,887 votes. With nearly 19 percent, Sampson expands his 10-vote gap between Nortey. Nortey has just over 17.5 percent of the vote. Still, the two are separated by 279 votes.
  • 10:33 p.m. — A run-off looks likely with 58 percent of locations reporting, Travillion's lead still hovers around 43 percent, with Arthur Sampson in second with 18.26 percent, with James Nortey close behind with 18.2 percent — separated by 10 votes. 
  • 10:06 p.m. — Travillion's still in the lead with 6,081 of (42 percent) 14,349 Travis County votes.
  • 9:39 p.m. — Travillion maintains a lead with 43.5 percent. 
  • Jeff Travillion leads the pack in early voting with 44.56 percent of the vote. James Nortey has 19.52 percent. Arthur Sampson is in third with 17 percent. Richard Franklin III in fourth with 10 percent and Marc Hoskins earns 8.6 percent of the vote.

Travis County Commissioner Place 3 – Current Commissioner Gerald Daugherty faces Jason Nassour on the Republican side, with David Holmes running unopposed on the Democratic side.

  • 10:42 p.m. — With nearly three times the vote total of his opponent, it's safe to say that Gerald Daugherty will be facing Democrat David Holmes in November for Place 3.
  • 9:42 p.m. — With 13,236 votes in, Daugherty maintains his lead over Nassour with 74 percent of the vote.
  • Daugherty has a commanding lead over challenger Jason Nassour, with 74.18 percent of early votes to Nassours' 25.82.

Texas House District 49 –Seven Democrats are battling for the progressive-leaning Austin district long held by outgoing state Rep. Elliott Naishtat – Aspen Dunaway, Kenton Johnson, Heather Way, Gina Hinojosa, Blake Rocap, Matthew Shrum and Huey Rey Fischer.

  • 10:54 p.m. — Democrat Gina Hinojosa appears to have bested the field to replace longtime Rep. Elliott Naishtat in District 49. There is no Republican challenger in the race.
  • 10:19 p.m. — Hinojosa's lead in Travis County grows to nearly 57 percent of the 17,506 reported votes. The former Austin School Board president secured nearly 62 percent of the votes on Election Day.
  • 9:44 p.m. — Hinojosa slightly widens her lead over the crowded field with 55.78 percent of the vote in the race. In second place, Heather Way has just 19 percent of the vote.
  • Gina Hinojosa scores 55 percent of early votes, while Heather Way garnered 19 percent of votes. Just over 15 percent of early voters cast their ballot for Huey Rey Fischer. Blake Rocap earned 3 percent of the vote; Aspen Dunaway earned 2.9 percent; and Kenton Johnson got nearly 2 percent of votes.

Texas House District 47 – Ana Jordan runs unopposed on the Democratic ticket, while incumbent Rep. Paul Workman squares off against Jay Wiley in the Republican primary.

  • 11:15 p.m. — In Travis County, Rep. Paul Workman appears to have fended off Jay Wiley with 60 percent of the vote (13,980 votes) to Wiley's nearly 40 percent (9,282 votes).
  • 9:46 p.m. — With 20 percent of the vote in, Workman's lead is cemented with a 60 percent lead. Wiley trails with 39.6 percent in Travis County.
  • Paul Workman grabs the lead in the early voting numbers — nearly 60 percent of voters supported the incumbent representative — with Wiley trailing with 40 percent of the vote.

Texas Senate District 24 – A crowded field of Republican candidates are looking to populate the seat long held by state Sen. Troy Fraser. Republican candidates Jon Cobb, Brent Mayes, Susan King, Reed Williams, Ryan Downton and Dawn Buckingham vying for the spot, with Virginia “Jennie Lou” Leeder running unopposed on the Democratic side.

  • 10:43 p.m. — With 35 percent of precincts reporting to the Texas Secretary of State, a runoff seems likely between Sarah King and Dawn Buckingham. As of now, King garnered just over a third of votes (26,245) to Buckingham's 21 percent (16,535).
  • 10:22 p.m. — With a quarter of precincts reporting, King's still in the lead with nearly 35 percent; Buckingham's got 20 percent. 
  • 9:54 p.m. — Susan King's in the lead with 35 percent of the vote, with Dawn Buckingham trailing with 19 percent in the district. Just over 13 percent of precincts reporting.

U.S. House District 21 – Longtime Congressman Lamar Smith faces challengers Matt McCall, Todd Phelps and John Murphy in the Republican primary, while Tejas Vakil and Tom Wakely face off in the Democratic primary.

  • 11:34 p.m. — Wakely maintains his 20 point lead over Vakil with 24 percent of precincts reporting to the Texas Secretary of State. 
  • 9:58 p.m. — Wakely leads Vakil with 60 percent of the district vote; Smith leads with 62 percent with just over 6 percent of precincts reporting. 
  • 9:49 p.m. — Smith maintains a 58 percent lead with 20 percent of precincts reporting in Travis County. Tom Wakely leads Tejas Vakil with 58 percent of the county's Democratic primary vote. 
  • Incumbent Lamar Smith has a strong lead with 58 percent of the early vote over Matt McCall, who earned 23.49 percent. Todd Phelps got 10.5 percent of the early vote and John Murphy gets just 7 percent of the early votes.