As Cold Grips Austin, Meals on Wheels Reaches Out to Clients

Feb 2, 2011

With Austin in the midst of an uncommon cold spell, and rolling blackouts striking parts of Central Texas, Meals on Wheels and More is calling clients to ensure that they won't be trapped in the cold.

"We'll just call [clients] and ask them how they're doing, how their homes are being affect by the temperatures, if they're feeling OK, if they need anything," Sarah Andrews with Meals on Wheels and More told KUT.

Andrews said that a lot of people receiving food are "elderly" or have "critical health needs."

"A lot of them are on a  fixed income and can't afford to run their heaters as much as they might like to. They might live in older homes that are really drafty and so keeping them warm is very crucial to their health," she added.

Her group is asking for donations of blankets and space heaters for people who may be especially hurt by the weather and black out. For info on how to donate you can follow this link.